Shure 55s microphone dating

The classic shure 55 ask any person on the planet to think of a vintage microphone, and the shure model 55 is what probably comes to mind this iconic mic was introduced in 1939, and two models that sport the distinctive box shape are still in the shure catalog. When the shure 55s debuted, it again became a very sought after microphone gone was the bulky profile of the fatboy and replaced instead with a slimmed down version that was more refined and elegant. The super 55 deluxe vocal microphone features a signature satin chrome-plated die-cast casing, supercardioid polar pattern, vibrant blue foam behind the grille, and tailored frequency response for natural vocals and speech.

Vintage shure 55s microphone elvis antique mic, us erie this is a vintage shure 55s mic that i'm selling i've found an adaptor to use to hook it up to a standard lo-z type cable vintage shure brothers elvis style microphone , not sure of exact model number as there is no legible info. The shure 55s and 556s (see images at left) are undeniably the most iconic of all microphones examples: when elvis presley got his postage stamp, he was pictured with a 55 when eva peron declared ‘don’t cry for me, argentina,’ the shure was there. Shure's first headset microphone for stage use was created in shure 55s microphone dating according to the post office, as ofthe elvis stamp continued to hold court as the shure 55s microphone dating popular stamp of all time with more than million collected.

Shure 55 product overview the model 55sh series ii provides the shure classic unldyne ii design coupled with modern acoustic components to meet today's performance standards this microphone is excellent for vocal pickup with its characteristic shure presence peak. Shure incorporated is an american audio products corporationit was founded by sidney n shure in chicago, illinois in 1925 as a supplier of radio parts kits the company became a consumer and professional audio-electronics manufacturer of microphones, wireless microphone systems, phonograph cartridges, discussion systems, mixers, and digital signal processing. Swiping its titular character’s name from a 1966 spaghetti 55s directed by sergio corbucci, there were two shure used with the earlier version having push, they were used dating most large navy ships for medium wave and low frequency transmission requirements.

If the mic is labeled chicago, illinois, it was manufactured before 1956 if the mic is labeled evanston, illiniois it was manufactured in 1956 or later if the serial number reads 5723, the mic was manufactured in the 23rd week of 1957 check the date of the user guide: view all user guides check when it appears in shure catalogs. If you have a need for an inexpensive yet quality microphone for your next public speaking event or show, the shure sm48-lc vocal microphone is sure to please specifically designed to enhance vocals, this mic has a built-in filter to minimize pops, while the frequency response is designed with increased presence in the midrange. Hey everybody, i just picked up a shure 55sw off of craigslist, and when i was looking at it, i noticed that on the base (the part with the switch, where the mic stand and cable connector attach) it says made in usa on one side, and the other says patent pending. John - you can contact shure some parts are available from guitar center and mcmaster-carr replacement parts most replacement parts (and many accessories) for shure products are available through our service department, including selected replacement styli (needles) for phonograph cartridges.

Shure 55s microphone dating

Billed as an improvement on their popular 55sh microphone, shure claims to have enhanced both the sound quality and the feedback rejection whilst keeping the same retro styling which has made shure’s 55 series microphones so popular over the past 70 years. The shure 55s the elvis mic shure unidyne (unidirectional) model 55s dynamic microphone throughout his performing career elvis sang through a multitude of different types of microphones and, at least while touring in the 1950s, was dependent on the venue to provide the pa system (see the venues section. Shure introduced the model 55 series, featuring a cardioid polar pattern via the uniphase acoustical system cardioid microphones have the most sensitivity at the front and are least sensitive at the back, isolating the diaphragm from off-axis, undesired ambient sound.

  • Microphone cable vintage shure 51 55 55s mic 1/4 male on ebay, also vintage, microphones, pro audio, musical instruments (end time 17-jul-08 16:27:33 bst) at the very least, this auction's title might give you good search terms to use to track down others.
  • Small unidyne multi-impedance model 55 download the data sheet for the 1967 unidyne ii models 55s and 55sw download the 2000 user guide for the 55sh download the unidyne story, a 12-page book view more photographs of celebrities using rca and shure microphones, as well as a variety of other rca mic types and shure remote mixers.
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Custom built microphones mutant mics lighted led microphone mic upgrade your vintage shure or 55 55s 556 55sh2 with a sm58, 58 beta or 87 beta parts sells service and restoration of your vintage mics, including the shure 55 of all years, turner and electrovoice. Consequently, shure’s introduction of a compact, single-element cardioid microphone revolutionised the industry, and the unidyne model 55 quickly became as iconic within the music business as the neumann u47 or akg c12 in later years. Well-suited for a 1930s science fiction movie, the 55 series microphones from shure have come to symbolize what many think of when someone says the word microphone following its debut in shure’s 1939 catalog (#152), the 55 series embarked upon a path. Shure super 55 vs heil sound the fin we have already compared shure super 55 with shure 55sh and shure sm58, you can find this comparison in this articlenow it’s time to compare shure super 55 with heil sound the fin, as these microphones are in same price range and have similar retro-vintage look.

Shure 55s microphone dating
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